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Scientific Anatomy Center has developed an integral management software for anatomic material aimed at being used at universities for donors and anatomic specimens. This software is based on the identification of anatomic specimens by means of microchips.

From the arrival of the donor or anatomic specimens, their identification is made according to the university standards. The software will contain all the documents related to the donor: death certificate, transfers authorized by the Health Department or any other relevant information. Once the donor has been identified in the program, a microchip is introduced in the specimen and connected with the information in the system.

The software also identifies the exact location of each specimen in real time inside the storage area, so that, for example if it were necessary to gather all the different anatomic specimens from a single donor, it would be possible to do so easily. Also, in case a list of availability of a specific type of specimen is necessary, this can be easily generated by the program which at the same time would indicate the exact location where they are in the storage area.

Over time, sub-parts can be generated from the original donor or specimen. In this case the program will continue identifying each sub-specimen by means of new microchips connected to the one that was placed originally. In this way we make sure there is an accurate specimen traceability until the moment of cremation. After cremation, the system will generate a record with all the documents associated to that specimen history.


The system allows the possibility to book anatomic material for one or several undergraduate or graduate activities.

The software we have developed for one year and a half can be sold to universities. In case Scientific Anatomy Center obtains a tender, the software, and a training program for the technician on how to use it will be provided free of charge.



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We have developed software for the comprehensive management of all the anatomic material we work with

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