Scientific Anatomy Center

Scientific Anatomy Center SLU is a team of professionals dedicated to organising events, scientific gatherings, business meetings and infrastructures that has been present in the Spanish health sector for over 14 years.

About us

We are pioneers in offering this very specific service because we believe in the improvement of health sciences

Our objective

Promoting education for the improvement of patient’s health

Our team

A committed group of team players whose cornerstone is mutual trust.

Our team

Our team has been professionally trained for the services our company offers, and we are able to generate high levels of creativity in the development of each work we are commissioned, which is a guarantee of success.

We have extensive experience in planning and executing any kind of health event.

We are fully committed to the needs of our clients.

If there is something that accurately defines us, that is our involvement to achieve perfect results. We like to think that everything is possible thanks to our human factor, because without it, we would just be another company in the market.

Our services

We organise undergraduate and postgraduate courses for specialists in health sciences.

We work with all types of medical specialities and organise all kinds of surgery labs using anatomic specimens and recreating the real conditions of an operating room as much as possible. For example: laparoscopy, endoscopy, arthroscopy, surgical navigation, osteosynthesis, arthroplasty, spine surgery and all types of surgical approaches.

In the same way, we offer technical and audio-visual support for event recording, streaming and webinars in surgical labs as well as at hospital practice.

Our way of working

  • We work with the most prestigious multinationals and distributors at a national and international level.

  • We work with specialists who are interested in spreading innovative surgeries and promote education and improvement for patients.

  • We have a simulation area with anatomic material to perform different surgical techniques as well as mixed reality procedures.

  • We also set up infrastructures to have the most suitable conditions to carry out anatomic practice.



Comprehensive management in medical training of surgery specialists


Comprehensive design solutions, manufacturing, and construction of spaces where surgical practices and labs are carried out


Soft tissue management according to the needs of our clients


Cooperation and agreements with diverse training institutions to contribute with the improvement of health sciences


We plan, organise and coordinate conferences, congresses, conventions, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, and other related activities.


We are specialist in terms of compliance and advise on the current legal regulatory framework and all related procedures that must be followed in our sector.


We have developed software for the comprehensive management of all the anatomic material we work with